Birds Name in Hindi: Discover the Awe-Inspiring Avian Diversity

Birds Name in Hindi: Discover the Awe-Inspiring Avian Diversity

Birds Name in Hindi

India is a land of incredible biodiversity, and its rich avifauna is a testament to its natural beauty. From the majestic peacock to the melodious nightingale, the bird species found in India are as diverse as the country itself. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating world of birds by discovering their names in Hindi, the national language of India. Let's embark on a journey to learn about the enchanting avian creatures that grace our skies.

Birds Name in English and Hindi

Sno.Name in EnglishName in Hindi
18Weaver Birdबया
20Indian Rollerनीलकंठ
25Eagle Owlउल्लुका

Know more About Common Birds

  1. Peacock (मोर): The peacock, with its resplendent plumage and graceful dance, is the national bird of India. Known as "mor" in Hindi, this bird symbolizes beauty, elegance, and vibrancy.

  2. Sparrow (गौरैया): The sparrow, or "gauraiya" in Hindi, is a small, chirpy bird commonly found in urban and rural areas. Its cheerful presence and sweet melodies have made it a beloved visitor to our homes.

  3. Pigeon (कबूतर): Pigeons, known as "kabutar" in Hindi, are gentle and sociable birds. With their cooing sounds and distinctive flight patterns, they add a touch of serenity to our surroundings.

  4. Parrot (तोता): The parrot, or "tota" in Hindi, is known for its vibrant colors and ability to mimic human speech. It is a cherished pet and a symbol of intelligence and companionship.

  5. Crow (कौआ): The crow, called "kauwa" in Hindi, is a highly intelligent and adaptable bird. Its distinctive cawing is a familiar sound in both urban and rural areas.

  6. Myna (मैना): The myna, known as "maina" in Hindi, is renowned for its ability to imitate sounds and human speech. Its melodious songs and glossy black feathers make it a popular choice for aviculture.

  7. Kingfisher (रामचिरैया): The kingfisher, or "ramchiraiya" in Hindi, is a small, brightly colored bird found near water bodies. Its remarkable hunting skills and stunning aerial dives are a sight to behold.

  8. Eagle (गरुड़): The eagle, called "garud" in Hindi, is a majestic bird known for its powerful wingspan and keen eyesight. It symbolizes strength, courage, and freedom.

  9. Owl (उल्लू): The owl, or "ullu" in Hindi, is a nocturnal bird associated with wisdom and mystique. Its hooting calls evoke a sense of intrigue and fascination.

  10. Woodpecker (कठफोड़वा): The woodpecker, known as "kathphodwa" in Hindi, is characterized by its strong beak and ability to peck tree trunks. Its rhythmic drumming and distinctive calls add a unique charm to forests.

  11. Crane (बगुला): The crane, called "bagula" in Hindi, is a tall and elegant bird known for its graceful movements. Its presence near wetlands and marshes exemplifies the harmonious coexistence of birds and nature.

  12. Vulture (गिद्ध): The vulture, known as "giddh" in Hindi, plays a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance by scavenging and disposing of animal carcasses. Its soaring flights and keen scavenging abilities are awe-inspiring.

  13. Flamingo (राजहंस): The flamingo, or "rajhans" in Hindi, is renowned for its striking pink plumage and distinctive curved beak. These migratory birds create breathtaking sights in wetland habitats.

  14. Peafowl (मोरनी): The female counterpart of the peacock is called the peahen or "morini" in Hindi. Although lacking the grandeur of its male counterpart, the peahen possesses its own understated beauty.

  15. Bulbul (बुलबुल): The bulbul, known as "bulbul" in Hindi, is a small, lively bird with a melodious voice. Its cheerful songs are a common melody in gardens and parks.

  16. Cuckoo (कोयल): The cuckoo, or "koyal" in Hindi, is known for its distinctive melodious call. Its enchanting songs are synonymous with the arrival of spring and the onset of monsoon.

  17. Koel (कोयल): The koel, called "koel" in Hindi, is a black bird with a beautiful voice. Its haunting calls during the summer months are a familiar sound in the Indian subcontinent.

  18. Weaver Bird (बया): The weaver bird, known as "baya" in Hindi, is famous for its intricate nest-building skills. These master architects create stunning hanging nests made of grass and leaves.

  19. Hornbill (बाज): The hornbill, or "baz" in Hindi, is a large bird with a unique bill and colorful plumage. Its distinct call and impressive beak make it a fascinating sight in the forests.

  20. Indian Roller (नीलकंठ): The Indian roller, called "neelkanth" in Hindi, is a medium-sized bird with a stunning combination of blue and green feathers. Its acrobatic flight and rolling displays are a visual treat.

  21. Sunbird (मदनिका): The sunbird, known as "madanika" in Hindi, is a small, nectar-feeding bird with vibrant colors. Its iridescent feathers and delicate appearance add a touch of brilliance to gardens.

  22. Swallow (चिंचपख़्ला): The swallow, called "chinchpakla" in Hindi, is a migratory bird known for its swift and agile flight. Its presence is often associated with the arrival of spring and the departure of winter.

  23. Stork (सारस): The stork, known as "saras" in Hindi, is a large wading bird with long legs and a distinctive beak. It is often seen near wetlands, where it gracefully hunts for fish.

  24. Dove (कबूतर): The dove, called "kabutar" in Hindi, is a symbol of peace and love. Its gentle cooing and serene presence evoke a sense of tranquility.

  25. Eagle Owl (उल्लुका): The eagle owl, known as "ulluka" in Hindi, is a majestic nocturnal bird of prey. With its piercing eyes and powerful talons, it reigns as a formidable predator of the night.

  26. Nightingale (बुलबुल): The nightingale, or "bulbul" in Hindi, is renowned for its melodious and enchanting songs. Its sweet serenades have inspired poets and musicians throughout history.

  27. Falcon (बाज़): The falcon, called "baz" in Hindi, is a swift and agile bird of prey. With its sharp vision and remarkable speed, it is a formidable hunter in the sky.

  28. Partridge (तीतर): The partridge, known as "teetar" in Hindi, is a ground-dwelling bird with distinct markings. Its unique call and secretive nature make it a prized game bird.

  29. Woodpigeon (कबूतर): The woodpigeon, called "kabutar" in Hindi, is a large pigeon species found in forests and woodlands. Its gentle cooing adds a soothing ambiance to natural surroundings.

  30. Heron (बगुला): The heron, known as "bagula" in Hindi, is a long-legged wading bird commonly found near water bodies. Its patient hunting techniques and graceful stature are captivating.

End Notes

The avian world is a treasure trove of marvels, and Hindi provides us with a delightful glimpse into the names of birds that grace our skies. Whether it's the colorful peacock, the chirpy sparrow, or the majestic eagle, each bird carries its unique significance and charm. Exploring the Hindi names of birds not only enhances our linguistic knowledge but also deepens our appreciation for the diverse and enchanting avian life that surrounds us. So, let's celebrate and cherish the avian wonders that make our world a more vibrant and beautiful place.

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