Flowers Name in Hindi: A Complete Guide

Flowers Name in Hindi: A Complete Guide

Flowers Name in Hindi

Flowers are nature's exquisite creations that bring beauty and joy to our lives. In India, a land known for its rich flora and fauna, flowers hold great cultural and religious significance. Hindi, being one of the prominent languages spoken in the country, has its own set of names for various flowers. In this article, we will explore the enchanting world of flowers and their names in Hindi.

Flowers Name in English and Hindi

Sno.Name in EnglishName in Hindi
1Wisteriaविस्टीरिया (Wisteria)
2Roseगुलाब (Gulab)
3Jasmineजस्मीन (Jasmine)
4Marigoldगेंदा (Genda)
5Lotusकमल (Kamal)
6Sunflowerसूरजमुखी (Surajmukhi)
7Lilyकुमुदिनी (Kumudini)
8Tulipट्यूलिप (Tulip)
9Orchidऑर्किड (Orchid)
10Carnationकार्नेशन (Carnation)
11Daffodilडैफोडिल (Daffodil)
12Lavenderलैवेंडर (Lavender)
13Daisyडेजी (Daisy)
14Sunflowerसूरजमुखी (Surajmukhi)
15Gerberaजरबेरा (Gerbera)
16Irisआईरिस (Iris)
17Poppyपॉपी (Poppy)
18Hibiscusगुड़हल (Gudhal)
19Chrysanthemumगुलदाउदी (Guldaudi)
20Zinniaजिनिया (Zinnia)
21Cosmosकॉसमॉस (Cosmos)
22Magnoliaमैग्नोलिया (Magnolia)
23Geraniumजेरेनियम (Geranium)
24Peonyपियोनी (Peony)
25Hydrangeaहाइड्रेंजिया (Hydrangea)
26Snapdragonस्नैपड्रैगन (Snapdragon)
27Asterऐस्टर (Aster)
28Dandelionडैंडेलायन (Dandelion)
29Forget-me-notफोर्गेट मी नॉट (Forget-me-not)
30Gladiolusग्लेडियोलस (Gladiolus)
31Buttercupबटरकप (Buttercup)
32Pansyपैंसी (Pansy)
33Sweet Peaस्वीट पी (Sweet Pea)
34Wisteriaविस्टीरिया (Wisteria)
35Foxgloveफॉक्सग्लोव (Foxglove)
36Bluebellब्लूबेल (Bluebell)
37Anemoneएनेमोनी (Anemone)
38Camelliaकैमेलिया (Camellia)
39Cornflowerकॉर्नफ्लावर (Cornflower)
40Snapdragonस्नैपड्रैगन (Snapdragon)
41Ranunculusरैननकलस (Ranunculus)
42Baby's Breathबेबीज़ ब्रेथ (Baby's Breath)
43Bougainvilleaबूगेंविलिया (Bougainvillea)
44Cherry Blossomचेरी ब्लॉसम (Cherry Blossom)
45Chrysanthemumच्रिसांथमम (Chrysanthemum)
46Dahliaडेलिया (Dahlia)
47Frangipaniफ्रैंगिपानी (Frangipani)
48Gardeniaगार्डेनिया (Gardenia)
49Lilacलाइलैक (Lilac)
50Primroseप्रिमरोज़ (Primrose)

Know About Common Flowers

  1. गुलाब (Gulab) - Rose : The rose, often referred to as the queen of flowers, is known for its captivating fragrance and velvety petals. It symbolizes love and beauty. Gulab is available in various colors, including red (लाल), pink (गुलाबी), white (सफेद), and yellow (पीला).

  2. जस्मीन (Jasmine) - Jasmine : Jasmine is a delicate, white flower with an enchanting fragrance. It is commonly used in perfumes, teas, and religious ceremonies. In Hindi, it is known as जस्मीन.

  3. मरीगोल्ड (Marigold) - Marigold : Marigold is a vibrant, orange flower often used in Indian festivals and religious rituals. It is considered auspicious and is associated with prosperity. In Hindi, it is called मरीगोल्ड.

  4. कमल (Kamal) - Lotus : The lotus is a sacred flower in Indian culture and holds great religious significance. It represents purity, enlightenment, and divine beauty. In Hindi, it is known as कमल.

  5. सुरजमुखी (Surajmukhi) - Sunflower : Sunflowers are known for their bright yellow petals and their ability to face the sun. They symbolize adoration, loyalty, and positivity. In Hindi, they are called सुरजमुखी.

  6. चमेली (Chameli) - Jasmine : Chameli, another name for jasmine, is a fragrant flower with small, white blossoms. It is widely used in perfumes and oils and is associated with love and sensuality.

  7. गेंदा (Genda) - Marigold : Genda, also known as marigold, is a popular flower used in decorations and garlands. It is vibrant in color and is often associated with celebration and joy.

  8. शपड़ा मल्लिका (Shapda Mallika) - Night-blooming Jasmine : Night-blooming jasmine is a highly fragrant flower that blooms after sunset. Its captivating scent fills the air during the night, and it is considered a symbol of love and affection. In Hindi, it is called शपड़ा मल्लिका.

  9. कनेर (Kaner) - Oleander : Kaner is a beautiful, small flower that comes in various colors, including pink, white, and yellow. It is associated with purity and is often used in religious rituals.

  10. रात की रानी (Raat ki Rani) - Night-blooming Cestrum : Raat ki Rani, also known as the queen of the night, is a fragrant flower that blooms at night. Its intoxicating scent spreads in the darkness, filling the surroundings with its sweet aroma.

  11. बेला (Bela) - Jasmine : Bela is another name for jasmine and is known for its sweet fragrance. It is often used in traditional ceremonies and is associated with purity and spirituality.

  12. पारिजात (Parijat) - Night-flowering Jasmine : Parijat is a small, white flower that blooms at night and has a beautiful fragrance. It is considered sacred and is associated with divine blessings.

  13. राजनीगंधा (Rajnigandha) - Tuberose : Rajnigandha, also known as tuberose, is a highly fragrant flower with white, star-shaped blossoms. It is often used in perfumes and is associated with grace and elegance.

  14. कुचन (Kuchan) - Saffron Lily : Kuchan, also known as the saffron lily, is a vibrant orange flower with long petals. It is native to the Himalayan region and is associated with purity and spirituality.

  15. चिमनी (Chimani) - Chrysanthemum : Chimani, or chrysanthemum, is a popular flower that comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, white, and purple. It symbolizes loyalty, friendship, and longevity.

  16. आकाशबेल (Aakashbel) - Bluebell : Aakashbel, or bluebell, is a delicate flower with bell-shaped blooms. It is known for its vibrant blue color and is associated with humility and gratitude.

  17. चिंतामणी (Chintamani) - Carnation : Chintamani, or carnation, is a beautiful flower with ruffled petals that comes in various colors. It symbolizes love, fascination, and distinction.

  18. सुप्रभात (Suprabhat) - Morning Glory : Suprabhat, or morning glory, is a climbing flower that blooms in the morning. It is known for its vibrant colors and represents love, affection, and optimism.

  19. बकुल (Bakul) - Bakul : Bakul is a fragrant flower with small white blossoms. It is often used in perfumes and is associated with spirituality and devotion.

  20. धूप (Dhoop) - Marigold : Dhoop, or marigold, is a popular flower used in religious ceremonies and decorations. It is known for its vibrant orange and yellow colors and is associated with positive energy and good fortune.

  21. अशोक (Ashok) - Ashoka Tree : Ashok is a tree with beautiful clusters of orange and yellow flowers. It is considered a sacred tree in Hindu mythology and symbolizes love, compassion, and peace.

  22. अबोली (Aboli) - Indian Coral Jasmine : Aboli is a small, delicate flower with bright orange or red blossoms. It is often used in traditional hair adornments and signifies beauty and grace.

  23. अरबिंद (Arabind) - Water Lily : Arabind, or water lily, is a floating flower with round leaves and fragrant blossoms. It represents purity, enlightenment, and tranquility.

  24. अनंगरंगी (Anangarangi) - Flame Lily : Anangarangi, or flame lily, is a stunning flower with red and yellow petals resembling flames. It is associated with passion, beauty, and vitality.

  25. पुष्प (Pushp) - Flower : Pushp is a generic term for "flower" in Hindi. It represents the beauty and diversity of the floral world, encompassing all types of flowers.

  26. धतूरा (Dhatura) - Datura : Dhatura is a unique flower known for its trumpet-shaped blooms and strong fragrance. It holds spiritual significance and is used in Ayurvedic medicine.

  27. जुई (Jui) - Indian Screw Tree : Jui is a fragrant flower with creamy white petals and a yellow center. It is often used in perfumes and symbolizes purity and elegance.

  28. चिमनी (Chimni) - Bird of Paradise : Chimni, or bird of paradise, is an exotic flower with vibrant orange and blue petals that resemble a bird in flight. It represents beauty, freedom, and paradise.

  29. नीलकुंज (Neelkunj) - Blue Pansy : Neelkunj, or blue pansy, is a butterfly-shaped flower with blue and black wings. It is associated with joy, transformation, and spiritual growth.

  30. पानी की रानी (Pani ki Rani) - Water Hyacinth : Pani ki Rani, or water hyacinth, is a floating aquatic flower with lavender or violet blossoms. It symbolizes beauty, adaptability, and resilience.

  31. सदाबहार (Sada Bahar) - Periwinkle : Sada Bahar, or periwinkle, is a small flower with five petals and is available in various shades of blue, purple, and white. It represents everlasting beauty and friendship.

  32. मोगरा (Mogra) - Arabian Jasmine : Mogra, or Arabian jasmine, is a highly fragrant flower with white, star-shaped blossoms. It is commonly used in making garlands and is associated with purity and auspiciousness.

  33. अकबरा (Akbara) - Crown Flower : Akbara, or crown flower, is a tall plant with showy lavender or purple flowers. It is known for its unique shape and represents power, authority, and royalty.

  34. कंचन (Kanchan) - Golden Shower Tree : Kanchan, or golden shower tree, is a large tree with cascading yellow flowers. It is often associated with prosperity, abundance, and good luck.

  35. पंखुड़ी (Pankhudi) - Petunia : Pankhudi, or petunia, is a popular garden flower known for its trumpet-shaped blossoms. It comes in various colors and symbolizes grace, charm, and gentleness.

  36. जुबिन (Jubin) - Hibiscus : Jubin, or hibiscus, is a vibrant flower with large, trumpet-shaped blooms. It comes in different colors, including red, yellow, and pink, and represents beauty, love, and delicate charm.

  37. उदयन्ती (Udayanti) - Euphorbia : Udayanti, or euphorbia, is a succulent plant with small flowers. It symbolizes resilience, healing, and adaptability.

  38. खुसबू गुलाब (Khusbu Gulab) - Fragrant Rose : Khusbu Gulab refers to a rose with a delightful fragrance. It represents love, affection, and romantic emotions.

  39. रंगोली (Rangoli) - Portulaca : Rangoli, or portulaca, is a colorful flower with bright, cup-shaped blossoms. It symbolizes joy, celebration, and artistic expression.

  40. सदबहार (Sadbahar) - Vinca : Sadbahar, or vinca, is a small flower with five petals and glossy leaves. It is available in various colors and is associated with endurance, loyalty, and eternal love.

End Notes

These are a few more fascinating flower names in Hindi that showcase the diversity and beauty of the floral world. Whether used in celebrations, religious rituals, or as decorative elements, flowers continue to captivate our senses and hold deep cultural significance. Each flower carries its own charm and significance, adding to the beauty and cultural tapestry of the country.

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