Fruits Name in Hindi: Exploring the Richness of Nature's Bounty

Fruits Name in Hindi: Exploring the Richness of Nature's Bounty

Fruits Name in Hindi

Fruits are nature's delightful treats, brimming with flavors, colors, and nutritional goodness. India, with its diverse climate and geography, is blessed with a vast variety of fruits that are not only delicious but also hold cultural significance. In this article, we will explore 40 fruits and their Hindi names, inviting you to immerse yourself in the richness of nature's bounty.

Fruits Name in English and Hindi

Sno.Name in ENglishName in Hindi
20Avocadoमक्खन फल
25Custard Appleशरीफा
27Kiwifruitकिवी फल
29Star Fruitकमरख
30Persimmonजापानी फल
31Dragon Fruitड्रैगन फ्रूट
33Wood Appleबेल
34Custard Appleसीताफल
37Passion Fruitपैशन फ्रूट

Know About Common Fruits

  1. Mango (आम):

    • King of fruits, sweet and juicy,
    • A tropical delight that makes us woozy.
  2. Banana (केला):

    • Nature's snack, in a yellow hue,
    • Packed with energy and good for you.
  3. Apple (सेब):

    • Crisp and refreshing, a classic treat,
    • An apple a day keeps the doctor discreet.
  4. Orange (संतरा):

    • Bursting with tangy and citrusy zest,
    • Vitamin C booster, it's among the best.
  5. Grapes (अंगूर):

    • Small and succulent, in clusters they grow,
    • Red, green, or purple, a heavenly show.
  6. Guava (अमरूद):

    • Tropical delight, with a fragrant appeal,
    • Juicy and sweet, it's the taste of a steal.
  7. Pineapple (अनानास):

    • Prickly on the outside, sweet inside,
    • A tropical treasure, impossible to hide.
  8. Pomegranate (अनार):

    • A jewel-like fruit with ruby-red seeds,
    • Full of antioxidants, meeting our needs.
  9. Watermelon (तरबूज):

    • Juicy and refreshing on a summer's day,
    • Its vibrant pink flesh takes the heat away.
  10. Papaya (पपीता):

  • A tropical marvel, with vibrant orange hue,
  • Loaded with enzymes, good for digestion too.
  1. Kiwi (कीवी):
  • Small and fuzzy, with tangy green flesh,
  • A vitamin powerhouse, nature's refresh.
  1. Strawberry (स्ट्रॉबेरी):
  • Plump and red, with a sweet taste,
  • Dipped in cream, it's a dessert embraced.
  1. Pear (नाशपाती):
  • Smooth and elegant, with a crisp bite,
  • A pear a day keeps dullness out of sight.
  1. Apricot (खुबानी):
  • Small and velvety, with a golden glow,
  • Sweet and fragrant, a delightful show.
  1. Plum (आलूबुखारा):
  • Purple and juicy, with a tart flavor,
  • A plum a day, a healthy endeavor.
  1. Cherry (चेरी):
  • Tiny and red, with a bittersweet taste,
  • Cherries are nature's small delights to embrace.
  1. Fig (अंजीर):
  • Soft and luscious, with a delicate skin,
  • Figs bring a touch of sweetness within.
  1. Lemon (नींबू):
  • Sour and tangy, with a zest so bright,
  • Lemons add flavor and freshness with might.
  1. Coconut (नारियल):
  • Tropical treasure, with water and meat,
  • Coconuts offer refreshment and a tasty treat.
  1. Avocado (मक्खन फल):
  • Creamy and smooth, with a buttery feel,
  • Avocados are versatile, a nutritious deal.
  1. Lychee (लीची):
  • Exotic and small, with a translucent skin,
  • Lychees are juicy delights, a tropical win.
  1. Jackfruit (कटहल):
  • Enormous and spiky, a tropical giant,
  • Jackfruit's sweet flavor is truly defiant.
  1. Raspberry (रसभरी):
  • Tart and juicy, with a vibrant hue,
  • Raspberries bring a burst of flavor to chew.
  1. Blackberry (ब्लैकबेरी):
  • Dark and juicy, with a tangy taste,
  • Blackberries are nature's sweet embrace.
  1. Custard Apple (शरीफा):
  • Creamy and sweet, with a custard-like blend,
  • Custard apples are nature's gift to commend.
  1. Peach (आड़ू):
  • Fuzzy and tender, with a golden blush,
  • Peaches offer sweetness in every single crush.
  1. Kiwifruit (किवी फल):
  • Brown and fuzzy on the outside it hides,
  • Inside, vibrant green with refreshing vibes.
  1. Muskmelon (खरबूजा):
  • Fragrant and sweet, with a melon's delight,
  • Muskmelons refresh on a sunny day bright.
  1. Star Fruit (कमरख):
  • Shaped like a star, with a tangy taste,
  • Star fruits add a touch of tropical grace.
  1. Persimmon (जापानी फल):
  • Orange and pulpy, with a unique flavor,
  • Persimmons bring autumn joy to savor.
  1. Dragon Fruit (ड्रैगन फ्रूट):
  • Exotic and striking, with a vibrant appeal,
  • Dragon fruits offer a taste that's surreal.
  1. Jamun (जामुन):
  • Dark and purple, with a tangy tang,
  • Jamuns are nature's gift, a summer's bang.
  1. Wood Apple (बेल):
  • Hard and rough, with a pulpy core,
  • Wood apples bring a taste you can't ignore.
  1. Custard Apple (सीताफल):
  • Creamy and sweet, with a tropical delight,
  • Custard apples are a heavenly sight.
  1. Tamarind (इमली):
  • Tangy and sour, with a tropical zest,
  • Tamarinds add flavor to dishes, the best.
  1. Blackcurrant (कालीकिसमिस):
  • Small and black, bursting with flavor,
  • Blackcurrants delight, a taste to savor.
  1. Passion Fruit (पैशन फ्रूट):
  • Exotic and tangy, with seeds so crunchy,
  • Passion fruits make taste buds dance, so punchy.
  1. Gooseberry (आंवला):
  • Small and tart, with a vibrant green hue,
  • Gooseberries bring a dose of health through.
  1. Cranberry (क्रैनबेरी):
  • Tart and tangy, with a vibrant red shade,
  • Cranberries bring a burst of flavor cascade.
  1. Elderberry (एल्डरबेरी):
  • Small and black, with health benefits galore,
  • Elderberries pack antioxidants to explore.

End Notes

These lines capture the essence and appeal of each fruit, highlighting their unique characteristics and flavors. Enjoy the diversity of nature's fruity delights!

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